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A new collection and a trunk show

In February I started working on new designs for a collection titled "Pieces of the Sky". I thought I would start gradually bringing them to shows in the spring.

Obviously, that didn't work, so I just kept playing with ideas,

making new pieces

and worked at getting schooled on how to run my business online.

Let me just say, there is quite the learning curve!

You know, old dog , new tricks and all.

I am finishing the last pieces and will present them all in early September during a trunk show on IGTV, (if you don't know what that is, it is Instagram TV.) and you are invited! Here is how it goes (so far)

1. All 24 Pieces of the Sky will be available for purchase during the live trunk show. This work is not on my website and will be making its debut for sale on IGTV.

2. Follow me on Instagram and show up for the trunk show. Date and time TBA in a few days

3.Claim the piece(s) you want in the comment section during the live trunk show IGTV .

4. Bundle your sales for a discount. The more you shop, the more you save. If there are items on my website, you can include them in your bundle.

5. Win a chance to receive one of the prizes. There will be two! More about this in a few days as well.

Have fun. Get some friends together using social distance or zoom and make it a party.

Stay tuned. more to come!

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