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Classes  2024

Class Description: Immerse yourself in the art of silversmithing with our engaging class focused on creating a stunning aster flower pendant. Designed for confident beginners, this course offers a unique opportunity to craft a beautifully textured and sculptural piece featuring a freshwater pearl center.

By the end of this class, you'll walk away with a stunning, hand-crafted aster flower pendant, a deeper understanding of silversmithing techniques, and the confidence to explore more complex jewelry projects.


Class Description: Explore the exquisite art of silversmithing combined with the ancient technique of Keum-boo in this specialized class. You'll design and craft a striking prong-set ring featuring a rose-cut moss agate, enhanced with delicate gold accents through the Keum-boo method. Perfect for students looking to expand their jewelry-making repertoire with new techniques and refined skills.

By the end of this class, you will have created a unique prong-set ring that beautifully showcases a rose-cut moss agate, adorned with gold accents. You'll gain proficiency in both silversmithing and the Keum-boo technique, opening new possibilities for your future jewelry designs.

Enameled Dragonfly

Class Description: Dive into the vibrant world of torch-fired enameling in this dynamic class, where you'll create a captivating dragonfly pendant. This course will guide you through preparing a copper blank, applying enamel using a torch, and embellishing your piece with silver and gold leaf. Additionally, you’ll explore sgraffito techniques to add intricate details and texture to your creation.

By the conclusion of this class, you will have crafted a beautiful torch-fired enameled dragonfly pendant, complete with silver and gold leaf accents and personalized sgraffito details. You'll gain confidence in using a torch for enameling and discover new ways to enhance your jewelry with decorative techniques.


Dragonfly Shadow Box
Part 2

Class Description: Unlock the potential of your enameled creations with our class on crafting a shadow box style setting in sterling silver, designed specifically for an enameled dragonfly. This course covers essential techniques in prong and tube setting, providing you with the skills to create striking statement jewelry. Perfect for those looking to elevate their jewelry design with innovative settings.

By the end of this class, you will have completed a stunning shadow box setting for your enameled dragonfly, equipped with prong and tube settings. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to create secure and visually appealing settings that enhance the beauty of your statement jewelry.

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