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What inspires my work




My first love is painting.  I get lost in every aspect of painting.  So much of my work is influenced by the art and artists that have come before me.  I cannot remeber a time whem I wasn't drawing pictures of my own.  When I ran out of paper, I drew on the walls, pulled the shades down and drew on them.  Needless to say, my mother was none too pleased with this, but she did encourage my love for art.

I find inspiration all around me.  Nature and the female form have played heavily in my designs.   Klimt, Mucha and the art nouveau masters have heavily influence my modern cameo collection.   But the work constantly evolves and I feel more like it leads me rather than me leading it.  As of late I have gone back to my roots and have begun to work in 2 dimensional art again.  The narrative energy  that has played a leading role in my jewelry seems to be going into the illustrations I am doing.  My jewelry designs are taking their lead from Kandinsky and Miro.  Their influence is present in my newest collection, Contemporary Enamels.