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These classic earrings are part of the Sticks and Stones collection, featuring fused sterling silver and faceted cubic zirconia. Each earring captures an organic essence, embracing a subtle asymmetry that adds intrigue to their design.

The sterling silver components have been meticulously polished to achieve a flawless mirror finish, enhancing their lustrous appeal. Additionally, they have been oxidized to a rich steel gray hue, imparting a sense of depth and character.

Despite their luxurious appearance, these earrings remain remarkably lightweight, ensuring all-day comfort. Suspended delicately from sterling silver earwires, they boast a length of approximately 2 inches, gracefully framing the face with timeless sophistication.

Experience the allure of nature-inspired craftsmanship with these earrings, designed to evoke an organic feeling that complements any ensemble with understated elegance.

Sticks and Stones Earrings with CZs

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