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The Collections

Laura Stamper Designs captivates with a diverse array of jewelry collections, each telling a unique story through craftsmanship and design. "Into the Woods" invokes the enchanting beauty of nature, featuring intricately designed pieces inspired by woodland elements. "Under the Sea" takes us on an aquatic journey, with jewelry that mirrors the fluidity and vibrant colors of marine life. "The Imaginary Garden" blooms with creativity, presenting whimsical and fantastical pieces that transport wearers to a magical realm. "Pieces of the Sky" captures the ethereal essence of celestial wonders, incorporating celestial motifs and gemstones that evoke the night sky. "Sticks and Stones" embraces the raw beauty of nature, with pieces that showcase the elegance found in simplicity. Each piece is meticulously crafted, one at a time, using recycled precious metals, fair-mined gemstones, and artisan techniques in enameling. Laura Stamper Designs not only offers exquisite jewelry but also contributes to a sustainable and ethical approach in the world of fine craftsmanship.

Dive into the enchanting depths of the "Under the Sea" jewelry collection, where every piece is a unique treasure inspired by the mysteries of the ocean. The designs in the Under the Sea Collection are a testament to the beauty found beneath the waves, and each piece tells a story of the wonders that lie in the heart of the ocean. Embrace the allure of the sea with these wearable works of art that evoke the magic and mystique of the underwater world.

One of a kind cloisonne poisonr ring with raven
One of a kind handmade cloisonne puffer fish necklace

Step into the enchanting realm of the "Into the Woods" jewelry collection, where nature's wonders are transformed into captivating adornments. Each piece in this collection is a testament to the artistry inspired by the woodland's flora and fauna. Every piece tells a unique story, weaving together elements of the natural world in a tapestry of wearable art. Explore the magic of the woods with these distinctive pieces that capture the essence of the great outdoors.

one of a kind hand made ring in sterling silver with 18k gold, heliodor and diamond

Embrace the raw and elemental beauty of the "Sticks and Stones" jewelry collection, where organic materials take center stage in bold and unconventional designs. Using enameling techniques that celebrate the natural textures of wood and stone, each piece in this collection is a statement of rustic elegance. Fair-sourced gemstones complement the earthy tones, adding a touch of refinement to these unique creations.

Elevate your style to new heights with the "Pieces of the Sky" jewelry collection, a celestial-inspired ensemble that embodies the vastness and beauty of the heavens. Through meticulous enameling techniques, each piece in this collection captures the hues of the sky, from the soft pastels of dawn to the deep blues of twilight, reminiscent of stars and planets, add a touch of cosmic elegance.

one of a kind ring from sticks and stones collection in sterling silver with boulder opal.
One of a kind handmade brooch crafted from cloisonne, mixed gemstones,precious metals and cicada wings backed with 24k gold

Step into a realm of whimsy and fantasy with the "Imaginary Garden" jewelry collection, where nature takes on a magical and surreal form. The Imaginary Garden Collection is a manifestation of creativity and storytelling, inviting you to explore the fantastical beauty that can be found in the intersection of imagination and nature. Let these pieces transport you to a world where reality and fantasy coexist in harmony.


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