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This Boulder Opal Statement Ring is a captivating fusion of earthly elegance and cosmic allure. Part of the exclusive Pieces of the Sky collection, this ring draws inspiration from the enchanting images beamed back by the James Webb Space Telescope, translating the mysteries of the cosmos into a wearable work of art.

At the heart of this extraordinary piece lies a Boulder Opal, adorned with a chocolate-colored matrix, creamy swirl and flashes of both red and cobalt. This celestial gem is cradled in a setting of 22k gold, a luxurious touch that enhances both its beauty and rarity.

Intricate gold granulation on an oxidized, layered sterling band, adds depth and texture to the design.  

Adding to the cosmic narrative, a 3mm faceted garnet gracefully orbits the opal, reminiscent of celestial bodies in motion. The deep red hue of the garnet complements the flashes within the opal, creating a harmonious dance of colors that further accentuates the celestial theme.

 Experience the allure of the Pieces of the Sky collection, where earthly beauty meets celestial inspiration in a celestial dance captured in metal and stone. size 8

Boulder Opal Statement Ring

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